Friday, October 7, 2011

Agile Beyond Iterations - Agile development

Agile adoption is not successful just by working under the umbrella of  iterations.

I have seen many teams work in iterations but are not agile.To be agile, the teams should self-organize and commit to the sprint goals.

  • Teams should continuously deliver working software every iteration.
  • The team should ensure that a testable features/stories are developed within every iteration

  • Developers should understand the concept of evolving software Architecture.  
  • Developers should keep in mind that the code written will be revisited to re-factor - to enhance the functionality as well as the architecture.
  • Automated Unit testing is not optional, it is mandatory to be successful.

  • As the features are developed iteratively, QA should emphasize on automation to support the incremental and continuous functionality testing. 

Product owners:
  • The stories should be written properly and clear acceptance criteria should be defined.

Scrum Masters:
  • Inspect and Adapt- Retrospection meetings should be facilitated for continuous improvement.

  • Team goals should be given significant weightage while defining individual objectives.

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